About Us

OK Oriental Foods in Oklahoma City has an extensive selection of:

  • Korean and Asian groceries (한국과 아시아 식품류)
  • household goods (가재도구)
  • healthy teas (건강한 차)
  • health foods (건강식)
  • vegetables and herbs (야채와 나물)
  • sliced meats and seafood (잘라낸 고기 및 해산물)
  • dumplings, bulk rice, ramen (만두, 대량 쌀 ,라면)
  • and other excellent products (그리고 다른 우수한 제품)

There is also a Korean restaurant (한국 대중음식점) in the store, with friendly and informal dining. Featured menu items include:

  • 불고기 – Bulgogi (savory marinated barbecued beef with rice)
  • 돌솥 비빔밥 – Dolsot Bibimbap (hot-pot meal of rice, veggies, steak, and eggs with homemade kimchee)
  • 된장 찌개 – Dwenjang Jjigae (piping hot bowl of soybean and tofu stew)

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